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Ta Da!
Introducing myself (ha!) name is Vicky Cooper.


Although originally from the UK I have chosen to live in NZ for over half my life and made Queenstown my home. Lucky me!

I LOVE the mountains, you will find me outdoors playing any chance I get, biking, skiing, hiking or just being.

Mother of an awesome hilarious 12 year old daughter and a v cute springer spaniel Dexter.

I have been using hypnosis for over 13 yrs personally and have had my own practise for over 9 yrs. I have have overcome many challenges and created amazing results in my life using NLP and hypnosis - I am excited to share these techniques with you!

I am confident in my whole being that you have everything inside of you to create the changes you need – working together we can empower you transform your life beyond your expectations.

My role is to guide and give you all the tools you need to make change yourself. 

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My Story

Throughout my life I have experienced many ups and downs (as we all have) and a few crossroads!   As a result I have learned much about the human spirit, and the strong desire for happiness that drives us. I have continually gathered information and have used many methods to get me ‘back on track’ but nothing has worked as effectively as hypnotherapy. The power in hypnotherapy is you don’t have to consciously think about stopping or changing a certain behaviour (which requires continual motivation), as you have already worked on your unconscious mind so you no longer have the belief that was stopping you and therefore no longer have the behaviour.

I am passionate about hypnotherapy, as I have used it to transform my own life with amazing results. Although I use it for ‘small’ things all the time now – it was three big breakthroughs in the beginning that propelled me to start my training and wanting to help others discover this skill that we all have within us;  the power to direct our own minds.


I would like to share these personal experiences with you: –

Initially, maybe like you, I thought hypnotherapy was a bit scary and was sceptical as my knowledge was only of stage hypnotherapy. However a friend who was in training asked me to be her ‘guinea pig’ and I am SO glad I said yes! I was delighted to realise I felt in control all the time, it just felt as if she was guiding me into a meditative state (something I have never been able to achieve before with my busy mind!) then saying lovely positive things to me, it was so relaxing and such a nice feeling. I came away feeling energised and focused on what I was going to achieve, what I would describe as a feeling of certainty.

Within three sessions we unearthed and changed a limiting belief / fear I had around relationships and the fact I had given up hope that I would ever have children. We worked on this and building my confidence in the three sessions. I really felt different; I believed deep inside myself I was going to get all the things I desired – it was such an empowering feeling. Three months later I met my partner and a year later I was pregnant with our first child.

Secondly - Knowing that it worked (but almost not quite believing), after just those three sessions I started learning about hypno-birthing and used the methods to birth my daughter.I had the most AMAZING birth, I was free of fear beforehand and completely relaxed and calm throughout – it was a powerful experience. The midwife said she was given faith again in the natural birthing process. WOW!!! I thought that is what they did.  Sure I was aware of fears present in my antenatal group beforehand but I was BLOWN AWAY with the scary birth stories afterwards! I feel absolutely compelled to share this with other woman so they too can be fearless and truly enjoy the empowering feeling of bringing their children into the world in the most natural, relaxed way possible – for them both!

Thirdly – if that wasn’t enough to convince me – I wanted to lose weight a year after my daughter’s birth.  I started doing a ‘fitness challenge’ which was great; for 10 weeks I exercised nearly everyday and I managed to get fitter and lose some weight, however when it was over and I was losing motivation I remembered I had some self-hypnosis weight control material ‘the’ friend had given me. Once again I was BLOWN AWAY using self-hypnosis as well as diet and exercise ( I just wanted to eat healthy and had extra motivation to exercise)…. I lost 9kg in 6 weeks!!!!

I hope that gives you an idea of how powerful hypnosis is – you can use it to change all areas of your life, in how you think and therefore how you feel which will result in a change in your behaviour. I am confident in my whole being I can help guide you, and you will experience all the changes you desire if you are willing to work at it too.

Imagine being able to unleash your limitless potential and design the life of your dreams!

Work History

Throughout my working career my focus has been on getting the best out of people – whether by really looking after them, motivating in a management role, or just helping them feel good about themselves.

I have had a varied career from caring roles, such as looking after children, old people and being a social worker to being the New Zealand area manager for a chain of 15 retail stores, running visitor guides in Queenstown and marketing for the ski fields (sometimes doing two roles at once, to give me balance e.g. Managerial role but doing support work with children on time off). I aim to be professional in whatever I undertake.


I find this varied experience of people of all ages and nationalities, invaluable in my role as a hypnotherapist.

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