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Kate Ivey

Personal Trainer

“I had the most amazing birth. It was relaxed and peaceful, for both my baby and I.  I genuinely feel excited and full of energy telling the story about it!  My baby was drinking on the breast 14 minutes after his arrival, showing how easy his entrance to the world was for him.


My birth was successful as I was mentally prepared, and had the tools to relax my body and entice my baby through the intensity of the contractions. Using the different types of breathing techniques I had practised for each stage, I was able to work with my baby to allow them to enter the world as calmly as possible, which in turn meant less stress on my body and no tearing!  My birth was completely natural, without any interference.

I was prepared thanks to Vicky, who took me for Hypno Birthing in the last 10-12 weeks of my pregnancy. With Vicky’s kind, peaceful and nurturing approach we were able to get me in a very relaxed state where I could imagine my birth and my baby, and how I wanted my birth to be. When it was time, I was in the right frame of mind for birth and was able to use the deep relaxation techniques learnt.  Most beneficial was that Vicky helped me to trust my body and the natural process of childbirth.

I think it goes without saying, that I highly recommend help from Vicky in the form of Hypno Birthing, in preparing yourself for Child Birth. Thank you Vicky for helping my baby and I to have such a wonderful experience. Your enthusiasm, caring nature and genuine excitement in the build up to my birth helped me to believe in myself and my body.”

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