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What is NLP?


How we process our experiences through our 5 senses; visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, olfactory and gustatory.

Language and other nonverbal communication that we use ourselves and with others.


The ability to organise our thoughts and actions to produce desired outcomes.

NLP is an effective set of techniques that enables rapid transformations using the belief that in changing how you think you can change what you think, thus enabling you to create the outcome/life you desire.

Often a problem, a bad habit or a block to reaching excellence is all in the mind, and in the patterns/beliefs it has formed. Unless we change these patterns we will continue to get the same outcome/behaviour. NLP techniques are a dynamic way to interrupt and change these patterns and create new effective mindsets and in turn behaviours.

The first step is to study and gather information of how you organise experiences through your five senses, how you then process this information through your internal filters, what language and communication you use and how you organise your ideas results in your current behaviour. Utilizing all this information, I can then use/give you NLP tools to break patterns and create new ones with a strong desired outcome in mind.

NLP techniques encompass a whole toolset from sensory acuity and directional questioning (information gathering), to stimulating visualisation and encouraging thinking ‘outside the square’. It is an interactive technique (when done with a client) that can interject fun while instigating action into making changes without the client having to think about too much.

Through using these techniques I have realised that often what we think is the problem verbally is not the problem fundamentally so the 1st step is getting to the root of the problem and focusing and working on this first. Changing this fundamental pattern can have a chain reaction on other blocks/problem patterns and may alleviate these without having to work directly on them.

I use NLP techniques throughout the therapeutic process, and mostly when you are not in hypnosis. Once we realise a few techniques that really work for you, I may then further ‘anchor’ these in your mind during hypnosis.

NLP is not just for times we are experiencing difficulty or need to change bad habits, it can be used when we are in a ‘good space’ is motivate and help us to reach our full potential.

NLP was founded a mathematician Richard Bandler and a linguistic John Grinder in the 1970’s. They had a burning desire to find out what made certain people excel at what they did – so they studied their physiology, their thought process and the structure of the language they used. Through this modelling they came up with a systems and techniques to help others achieve excellence.

Interested to know more? This 20 minute interview with Richard Bandler explains simply how NLP techniques enable change quickly and why it works so effectively. 

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