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1st Step - Let's Figure it out!

What is it you would like to change?

Why do you want to?

Gain clarity on how I can help you to take action! 

30 mins (online chat/ phone call)


Creating Change Package

3 x Sessions  


Getting Clear

Action Plan

Moving Forward

4 hours



5 x sessions to empower yourself to birth as nature intended.

5 hours


Stop Smoking Session

Decide to Stop - and I will give you the tools to make it easy.

* Note - Getting Clear session required before

1 hour 30 minutes



Length of Sessions

Your 1st session involves lots of information gathering so can last up to 1½ hours and costs $130.
Each session after that tends to last for 1 hour.

* Note: It's a good idea to allow an extra 15 mins, if we go over slightly - plus nice to leave not feeling rushed. 


Block Bookings
Reductions for block bookings (all include 1 x 1½ hr 1st session, then 1hr sessions thereafter): –
3 x session NZD    $499 (normally $599)
5 x session NZD    $799 (normally $999)
If you are a New Zealander and are under financial strain or on a benefit please contact me through email and we may be able to organise a sliding scale or gradual payment option.

Stop Smoking Sessions

The stop smoking program lasts about 1½ hours and costs $150. It includes a free follow up session if necessary, plus a CD for you to listen to at home to reinforce the work done in the session.

*Note a Getting Clear session is required beforehand. 


How Many Sessions Will I Need?
This varies from person to person but most people come for between 3 and 5 sessions. Most clients report significant improvements in that time. Hypnotherapy is definitely a brief intervention and is not a treatment that lasts years and years. On the other hand, effective and lasting change can take a little time. In other words, it isn’t all just going to happen instantly so please don’t expect a one-session magic wand.
The only time I sometimes see clients on a one-off basis is for smoking cessation.

Payment Options

Payment must be made prior to your session (internet) or on the day of your session in person (cash)

Bank details - Life Unlimited 03-1526-0024386-000

If having a Skype or phone session payment of the sessions need to be received at least 3 days before the appointment time.

  • Getting clear, uncovering barriers and making a plan of action!

    1 hr 30 min

    130 New Zealand dollars
  • 3 x Sessions Getting Clear +Action Plan =Moving Forward

    4 hr

    299 New Zealand dollars
  • 5 x sessions to empower yourself to birth as nature intended!

    5 hr

    499 New Zealand dollars
  • Decide to Stop - And I will give you the tools to make it easier.

    1 hr 30 min

    150 New Zealand dollars
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