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One Session

Getting clear, uncovering barriers and making a plan of action!

Service Description

Sometimes we just need to get clear and get some direction, or a different perspective. Hypnotherapy works by getting us to focus on what we do want - changing how we think to get that outcome, which then changes how we feel and in turn how we behave. It would be great to have a session with you and see what is going on for you and then together we can work out a plan to get you where you want to be, both mentally and physically. I can give you some great tools to help, we will record our session for you to listen to which will continue to strengthen your focus. But only you can choose to listen to the recording, and put what we talk about into action - the things that will make the difference. Whilst things will start to be different from our first session, I usually require 3 sessions to work with someone. Accountability and guidance helps create lasting change (see my group session package). However if you would like to start with one, you can pay for additional one hour sessions for $100 each thereafter. The 1st session is a regular talk-therapy session where you share your concerns, problems, or issues at hand, finding out what you want to change and why, what drives and motivates you, and what your desired outcome is, so we have a clear focus before going into hypnosis.

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